Day Planners

 This is the fourth line of Much Ado About You Day Planners,
and for version 4.0, they have gone through an extreme makeover!

Introducing the Hollywood Starlet Line

If you are familiar with our line, and are attached to the fabulous, user friendly layout... don't worry!
We have not made any significant changes to the layout.
But we have listened to our clients suggestions, as well as come up with some fun ideas of our own, and have made some cosmetic changes that we think you will love.

Wanna see?

For starters, we decided to protect those terrific tabs that we know you love, so we have made our covers a bit wider in order to tuck the tabs inside.

And what could be classier than some rounded corners?

 We have simplified our cover designs, and hope this will help to make your decision process a little easier.

We have used some fun new fonts inside the calendar, and made some small adjustments to our monthly and weekly layouts.

As per your requests... we have upgraded to a thicker, higher quality paper, and then we went ahead and upgraded the lamination on the back cover while we were at it!

With the new labels, there are now lots of options for your personalization.

Now, did I mention that we lowered our prices???  By more than 20%!

Also, we are now offering two even more affordable options: an Un-Tabbed version  and a Months-Only version of each of our Day Planners at even lower prices!  {My husband thinks I have gone mad.}

The Months-Only version is much thinner and more easily taken on the go.

We are also offering a newly improved Student Academic Planner in this un-tabbed version as an affordable option for your teens and tweens.  Imagine how much more likely your Middle Schooler will be to actually keep track of her homework if she has one of these super stylish planners in her backpack!

As always, our planners are available in any 12 month period you would like, so
order today and start using your calendar next month.